Webinar: The future of Diabetic Neuropathy Management - May, 28th

4 Ways Withings Can Help Community Health Centers Succeed with RPM

After detailing how to select the best remote patient monitoring for community health centers, we wanted to detail how Withings is uniquely qualified to help. 1. Cellular-enabled devices enhance patient usability and accessibility Withings has introduced cellular-enabled devices that include the BPM Connect Pro blood pressure monitor and the Body Pro scale. These two devices remove technological barriers […]

How to Select Remote Patient Monitoring Programs for Community Health Centers

Funding for remote patient monitoring programs (RPM) is available The COVID-19 pandemic forced telehealth to become the primary means through which patients interacted with their providers. In the United States this led to a 20-fold increase in telemedicine¹. And even though telehealth use has slightly decreased in 2021, it’s clear it is here to stay². Several federal funding […]

Addressing the limits of connected health — and breaking them

How did the connected health movement begin and what are the roadblocks to access and adoption? We talked to a Health Economist about the history and future of the technology that is revolutionizing healthcare. Inventing, producing, and marketing connected health devices requires attention to consumer trends, regulatory developments, international markets, and a variety of other […]

Evolution of the digital health spectrum of care

A post written by Jessica Shull (Digital Therapeutics Alliance), Dr. Keith Grimes (Babylon Health), and Alexandra Yembele (Withings). Last edit: October, 8th Health systems are evolving beyond the doctor’s office Countries aim to improve current standards of care for their populations while developing novel ways to treat patients with acute health conditions. This evolution has only quickened in the […]