Webinar: The future of Diabetic Neuropathy Management - May, 28th


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The ADA and Withings Join Forces to Reduce Diabetes Risk and Complications

Peer-reviewed studies have shown that only a fraction of people with diabetes comply with the American Diabetes Association (ADA) standard...

Small Fiber Neuropathy – The Under-Diagnosed Peripheral Neuropathy

In an interview with Harvard Medical School’s Harvard Health, Dr. Khosro Farhad, a neuropathy expert at Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital,...

Understanding our ESC Technology for Detecting and Monitoring DPN

Electrochemical Skin Conductance (ESC) is a physiological parameter that measures the reactivity of sweat glands and small nerve fibers in...

Withings Introduces Body Pro 2, an Rx Device for Early Detection of DPN*

Smart Scales have traditionally been used by consumers to track their personal wellness metrics. However, Withings saw an opportunity to...

Examining the Impact of Connected Devices on GLP-1 Therapy

In a March 2024 survey, Withings Health Solutions asked their database of device users about their experience with GLP-1 treatments...

Part 3: Supporting Safe and Sustainable Weight Loss With GLP-1s – Managing weight after medication

Weight gain is likely when patients stop taking a GLP-1 therapy. A 2022 study found patients who took the GLP-1...

Part 2: Supporting Safe and Sustainable Weight Loss With GLP-1s – Why body composition matters

GLP-1 agonists are remarkably effective in helping patients lose weight. But this can’t be done in a vacuum. One data...

Part 1: Supporting Safe and Sustainable Weight Loss With GLP-1s – Finding the right remote health technologies

New medications like GLP-1 agonists offer a promising tool to help patients achieve a healthy weight. But supporting patients in...
Scientific Study

The Science Behind Body Pro 2 – Body Composition

Body Pro 2 utilizes multifrequency BIA technology for the evaluation of patient body composition to offer accurate and repeatable measurements...