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How Connected Health Devices Can Help Reduce Chronic Illness

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over half (51.8%) of U.S. adults have at least one...


How to Start a Remote Patient Monitoring Program Without Creating Extra Workload

Even though remote patient monitoring (RPM) programs come with a host of benefits for both patients and providers, the idea...

How To Build Well-Rounded Team For Your RPM Program

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) programs are beneficial for both patients and medical practices. But an RPM initiative’s success depends on...

Why Start a Remote Patient Monitoring Program?

Accessing a patient’s key health metrics remotely was something few healthcare providers could envision just a few decades ago. Today,...

How to Use Shared Decision-Making to Improve Healthcare

Healthcare providers are certainly experts in the field, professionally trained to collect and analyze data on patients and recommend care...


Getting Paid for Your RPM Services

Remote patient monitoring programs are a win-win for primary care practices and the patients they serve. Billing for remote patient...


What Makes a Great Patient Experience?

Providing a positive patient experience gives you an increased ability to attract and retain patients. But it can be difficult...


Innovating Hypertension Management Amongst Refugees in San Diego

Refugees are a subset of the population that suffer displacement and other stressors, and once they reach their new home...


4 Ways Withings Can Help Community Health Centers Succeed with RPM

After detailing how to select the best remote patient monitoring for community health centers, we wanted to detail how Withings is...