4 Ways Withings Can Help Community Health Centers Succeed with RPM

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After detailing how to select the best remote patient monitoring for community health centers, we wanted to detail how Withings is uniquely qualified to help.

1. Cellular-enabled devices enhance patient usability and accessibility

Withings has introduced cellular-enabled devices that include the BPM Connect Pro blood pressure monitor and the Body Pro scale. These two devices remove technological barriers in the patient journey while making sure installation and use are frictionless at three levels:

  • An extremely simple onboarding experience. Thanks to cellular connectivity, BPM Connect Pro and Body Pro work right out of the box, and no smartphone, tablet, or Wi-Fi is required.
  • Easy-to-use devices, no app needed. The BPM Connect Pro has only one button to press. For the patient, results appear right on the device screen along with color-coded feedback based on American Heart Association recommendations. In the case of patients using scales, Body Pro only requires participants to step on the scale, and then data is seamlessly recorded with no buttons to press.
  • Long battery life. BPM Connect Pro lasts six months before having to recharge it, and Body Pro scale lasts up to 12 months.

Our simplified user experience drives retention and long-term use among chronic patients with different digital literacies and connectivity capacities allowing community health centers to kickstart and maintain remote patient monitoring programs rather than spending time on device education.

2. Withings RPM integrates directly into existing EHR systems

Through the Withings partnership with Redox, Withings offers the possibility to integrate a new remote patient monitoring solution with many of the industry’s leading EHR management platforms. For limited RPM duration or smaller patient cohorts, EHR integration costs can be significant. Alternatively, Withings has developed MED·PRO CARE, a comprehensive solution that will help you to manage your RPM program from patient enrollment to data visualization in a modern, user-friendly platform. MED·PRO CARE has an economical model based on subscription to help community health centers master their investments while benefiting from a turnkey solution that saves time on IT development and implementation.

3. Withings helps community health centers save money

Did you know that opting for a cellular smart device could be up to 60% less expensive than buying a Bluetooth device and tablet? Withings cellular devices are meant to break barriers to access, and one barrier is cost. Saved expenses could be used to enroll more chronic patients in your RPM program or fund other telehealth investments.

4. Withings RPM has customer service built-in

Withings Customer Support team is a proud Golden Bridge Customer Support winner in the category of Customer Service and Support Team Department of the Year. In addition to excellent support, the Withings ecosystem of devices are incredibly easy for patients and providers to use, resulting in an exceptionally low contact rate. Finally, a dedicated customer success manager is assigned to each community health center to make sure Withings products and services address the center’s unique provider and patient needs.

Learn more about BPM Connect Pro and don’t hesitate to reach out to our team if you have questions, want samples, or need more info about potential RPM integration with your community health center.

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