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Withings Health Solutions began with one aspiration:

To empower the healthcare industry to transform the lives of healthcare consumers and professionals through beautifully simple monitoring solutions.

Beautifully simple monitoring solutions.

We know how difficult it is to navigate the complexity of healthcare. That’s why we design solutions that uncomplicate the process — crafting award-winning remote data collection products that easily integrate into the daily lives of consumers and allow healthcare professionals to achieve their mission of providing higher quality care.

Founded as an extension of Withings in 2019, Withings Health Solutions began by recognizing the impact that Withings’ consumer-targeted technology could have on professionals in the healthcare industry. After launching the first-ever Wi-Fi Scale on the market, Withings soon began developing more products to empower healthcare decision making, inventing the first Hybrid Smart Watch, the first Blood Pressure Monitor with ECG and Digital Stethoscope, and the first Analog Recording Watch recording an ECG.

Today, Withings Health Solutions builds on this technology to bring enhanced remote monitoring solutions to healthcare professionals across the world. As we work towards our vision of inventing the future of consumer health monitoring, we hope to equip medical, health and wellness professionals with the simple, innovative solutions they need to improve the health of the communities they serve — everywhere.