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Elevate health outcomes with best-in-class connected devices

Elevate health outcomes with best-in-class connected devices.

Seamlessly integrates with digital health and chronic disease management programs to uplevel your remote patient monitoring.

Join the leading digital health companies and health systems partnering with Withings Health Solutions.

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Streamline your workflow.

Automate your operational workflow and drive program efficiency.

Streamline data retrieval:

Integrate our suite of API solutions and retrieve data seamlessly, bridging the gap between our devices and your existing systems.

Place device orders with just a click:

Our drop shipping API can be integrated within weeks, ensuring you ship devices within days.

Seamless and fast shipping:

Avoid the higher costs and inventory risks of maintaining third-party fulfillment centers, or doing it yourself, with our dropshipping API.

Instant device insights:

Tap into 'last sync' and 'last measurement' metrics via our Fleet Management dashboard for swift issue resolution and accurate patient data verification.

Our tech support needs related to scale setup have been reduced by ~25% since switching over to the Withings scale from our prior vendor's Bluetooth-only scale.

— Taylor Rains, Withings Relationship Manager, Member Experience Team, Calibrate, a digital metabolic health company

Reducing support time is the biggest impact of partnering with Withings. Thanks to the quality of the Withings scale and level of partner support we don’t need additional staff to troubleshoot and support scale issues for our patients.

— Derek Rowley, VP of Operations at FORM

The fact that we can integrate via an API and not have to worry about shipping delays and running a warehouse was probably the most important factor in partnering with Withings.

— Dr. William Ferro, CEO of Betr

Ongoing participant engagement is key to the success of the HabitNu program, and the Withings scale is an essential component. We value the top-of-the-line scale and the support our participants receive from Withings Health Solutions.

— Dr. Sindhu Rajan, CEO of HabitNU

Our patients love the Withings scale because it's incredibly reliable. The body positioning feature helps patients know how to shift their body to get an accurate reading and it's great that the scale stores data so that even when it's not connected to the internet it still captures the data and sends it to our system once it does have a connection. Overall our weight readings are more accurate and we receive them more consistently since we've partnered with Withings.

— Jason Drapinski, Enrollment Specialist at FORM
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Unparalleled support.

Experience unparalleled support for you and your patients.

Focus More on Patient Care, Less on Tech:

Spend more time and resources on elevating the patient experience instead of troubleshooting devices.

Seamless Setup and Integration:

Collaborate with our Solutions Engineers to integrate our solutions and get support throughout our partnership even after going live.

Real-Time Device Support:

Our dedicated support team resolves most issues within hours, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.

Ongoing Partnership Support:

Get a dedicated Customer Success Manager to support you every step of the way.

Elevate the patient experience.

Boost engagement with best-in-class connected devices.

Devices that work right out-of-the-box:

Improve member installation rates with our cellular connected device that are easy to use and require zero setup

Designed for consistent use:

With habit-forming features, our devices seamlessly integrate into patients' daily routines

Empower healthier choices:

Connected scales showcase weight trends, not just the latest number at weigh-in

Recognized and trusted consumer brand:

Elevate the patient onboarding experience with high quality connected devices used by millions of consumers daily

Improving Member Weight Tracking and Operational Efficiency for a Digital Metabolic Health Company

Learn how Calibrate’s tech support needs related to scale setup have been reduced by ~25% since switching over to the Withings Body Pro cellular scale

Highest quality at-home patient-generated data.

Deliver superior care with the highest quality at-home patient-generated data.

Reliable and consistent data retrieval:

Get consistent and reliable data transmission from our devices, even in a cellular dead zone.

Trustworthy and accurate data:

Our devices are used in peer-reviewed clinical research studies with leading academic institutions.

Continuous and comprehensive patient-generated data:

Consistent engagement and advanced biomarkers enables a longitudinal view of the patient health journey.

Data safety with ISO13485, ISO27001, and HIPAA compliance:

Patient data security is our priority –our adherence to global standards ensures data quality, safety, and privacy.

Ready to uplevel remote health monitoring for your organization today?

Deliver superior care and drive better health outcomes with our connected devices.