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Improving Member Weight Tracking and Operational Efficiency for a Digital Metabolic Health Company

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Technical setup and support needs for bluetooth scale


Withings Body Pro Cellular Scale


Reduced operational and technical needs by 25%

“Withings has been an invaluable partner for us in ensuring a best-in-class member experience throughout the Calibrate Orientation and the year-long Metabolic Reset. The seamless smart scale integration with the Calibrate app ensures our members can stay consistent with daily weight tracking with the lowest possible barrier to action—ultimately driving improved out - comes over time.”


Calibrate is a metabolic health company on a mission to change the way the world treats weight. As the first outcomes-based model in obesity treatment, Calibrate is setting the standard of care with a time-bound, digital program that integrates GLP-1 medication with behavior change to improve overall metabolic health, allowing people to sustain long-term weight loss results after medication. Calibrate’s program is purpose-built to deliver intensive lifestyle intervention through an integrated curriculum across food, sleep, exercise, and emotional health. Calibrate doctors treat their patients holistically—with medication as a tool, not the treatment—to improve metabolic health.


Members enrolled in Calibrate’s weight-loss program receive the cellular-enabled Withings Body Pro Scale as part of their Welcome Kit after enrolling in the program. The integrated Withings Body Pro scale allows for accurate readings to be captured daily. The information automatically connects to member profiles, enabling members to track weight over time and provide their Medical Team with accurate information to understand their progress––a critical component to ensure success.

GLP-1 medication is a type of drug initially used to manage type 2 diabetes. It helps to control blood sugar levels, reduce body weight, and lower the risk of heart disease when it is combined with diet and healthy lifestyle changes. (1)  However, GLP-1 medication has also been found to be effective in helping with weight loss and have been approved by regulatory agencies, such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), for this purpose. (2) 

1. Deborah Hinnen, « Glucagon-Like Peptide 1 Receptor Agonists for Type 2 Diabetes », Diabetes Spectrum : A Publication of the American Diabetes Association 30, no 3 (août 2017): 202‑10,

2.  Mojca Jensterle et al., « Efficacy of GLP-1 RA Approved for Weight Management in Patients With or Without Diabetes: A Narrative Review », Advances in Therapy 39, no 6 (2022): 2452‑67,


Prior to partnering with Withings Health Solutions in 2022, Calibrate implemented their weight-loss program using a Bluetooth-only scale from another vendor. The setup process for the Bluetooth scale quickly proved to be cumbersome for members resulting in inbound messages to Calibrate’s team that required time-consuming one-on-one troubleshooting with member support representatives.


Calibrate decided to switch to a cellular-enabled scale instead and extensively evaluated multiple cellular scale vendors before partnering with Withings. Calibrate chose to partner with Withings Health Solutions because of their ability to integrate directly with the Calibrate app, their best-in-class cellular connected devices, their outstanding operational and logistical capabilities, and their unparalleled device and client support.


Calibrate partnered with Withings Health Solutions to use their cellular-enabled scale, Body Pro, to support their tens of thousands of members in tracking their weight daily. Withings Body Pro was customized to enhance the Calibrate member experience and ensure members can seamlessly track their weight.

Unlike conventional smart scales, Body Pro works straight out of the box, requires no setup, making it easy to use for everybody. The long battery life, easy and intuitive setup process, beautiful sleek design, along with intentional habit-forming features enhances the members’ experience. The scale’s weight trend feature, for example, complements the graph in Calibrate’s app and shows how their weight is trending over time-not just the latest number weigh-in, empowering them to be in control of their health. The Body Pro scale is intentionally designed to seamlessly become part of members’ daily routines, resulting in higher engagement and more consistent weight tracking. 

The Withings API allows weight data from the Body Pro scale to be securely and reliably transmitted within Calibrate’s purpose-built app via a customized, Calibrate-branded integration. The collected data is safely and securely stored in the Withings medical cloud, and integrated into Calibrate’s platform in real-time. 

Calibrate also integrated Withings Health Solutions dropshipping API and branded kitting solution to reduce logistics costs and increase program efficiency. Shipping scales and welcome packet materials leveraging Withings dropshipping capabilities helps reduce inventory risk, saves time and streamlines the members’ unboxing experience.

“I met with a new member for intake and she was extremely complimentary several times of the" professionalism" and "high quality" of the Welcome Packet materials. She was beaming about the quality of the scale and said, "I've never seen a scale like this!". She is so impressed and excited to start with Calibrate.”


The Calibrate and Withings Health Solutions partnership resulted in more operational efficiency for the Calibrate team and a better onboarding and health tracking experience for Calibrate members. The Body Pro scale made it an easy and frictionless experience for members to honor their weight tracking requirement.


Additionally, Body Pro’s cellular scale technology, intentionally designed to reduce friction and keep contact rates low, along with Withings exceptional partner support team, reduced technical support needs related to scale setup by 25% from their prior vendor’s Bluetooth-only scale. Consistent tracking results in improved health outcomes, and a seamless, fully integrated weight tracking experience with Withings Body Pro contributes meaningfully to a positive member experience.

Calibrate’s decision to transition to the Withings cellular scale reduced technical setup by


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