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BPM Connect

BPM Connect is a Wi-Fi blood pressure monitor providing best-in-class, medically accurate blood pressure, and heart rate measurements. The simple, comfortable design and ease of use keep engagement high. And the measurements are easy to share with doctors and health coaches.


  • Diastolic blood pressure
  • Systolic blood pressure
  • Heart rate

BPM Connect accuracy has been validated by many institutions such as Validate BP, Stride BP and BHIS



  • FDA-cleared
  • Wi-Fi connectivity: Wi-Fi means that your users don’t need to have their phone with them when taking a measurement, as readings are synced automatically at home
  • Easy pairing and single-button use
  • Rechargeable battery via micro-USB cable, lasts up to 6 months on a single charge
  • Incorrect measurement indication: BPM Connect will alert your user if the cuff is not tightened correctly or if talking/movement has been detected
  • Ultra-compact design for ease of travel
  • Exceptional design: developed with cardiologists, one button operation, easy to use, instant feedback
Percentage of Withings Blood Pressure Monitors still being used after one year
Internal study on Withings database