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Case Study

Improving Program Adherence and Operational Efficiency to Help Drive Target Weight Loss for a Diabetes Prevention Program

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Meet targeted 5% weight loss goal per member with a connected scale that would seamlessly integrate into existing workflow.


Withings Body Scale


57% of active participants had a 5% of more weight loss and achieved a group weight loss of 11.8%

‘‘Ongoing participant engagement is key to the success of the HabitNu program, and the Withings scale is an essential component. We value the top-of-the-line scale and the support our participants receive from Withings Health Solutions.’’


HabitNu is a digital health company that provides Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recognized lifestyle modification programs designed to help members with diabetes prevention and chronic disease management. As part of delivering a successful program, HabitNu required to achieve a targeted 5% weight loss for each member. As a result, the company needed a best-in-class and trusted scale vendor to partner with to ensure members could easily and consistently track their weight throughout the program.


HabitNu sought an accurate and automated way to collect members’ weight data and demonstrate the targeted 5% or more weight loss for each member. They were also looking for a connected scale vendor that would seamlessly integrate with their existing workflow and provide them with extensive technical and member troubleshooting support.



HabitNu partnered with Withings Health Solutions to provide the Wifi-based Body scale, along with the Withings HealthMate app that syncs seamlessly with HabitNu’s app. Once the member steps on the Body scale, the data is captured by the Withings HealthMate app and flows directly to HabitNu’s app. Members can track their meals, physical activity, as well as their daily weigh-in data. With the help of Withing’s onboarding team, HabitNu had their app sync with Withings devices in a matter of days. 


The sleekly-designed connected scale instantly provides HabitNu with accurate weight and BMI data from its members. The member’s data is then analyzed and displayed for HabitNu health coaches to assess and guide each member’s progress along their health journey. 


The scale’s intentionally designed habit-forming features, like displaying the weather forecast when a member steps on the scale, seamlessly becomes part of their daily routine. Members are also empowered to make healthier choices when seeing their weight trends over time and not just the latest number at weigh in. 

‘‘The scale provides awesome features. I am so grateful for not only being able to continually see my weight loss progress in terms of pounds and the decreased BMI, but the icing on the cake is the weather notification.’’

‘‘The Withings scale was quick and easy to set up. It syncs easily with my phone and the HabitNu app. I also like that it shows gains and losses each time I weigh myself.’’

Withings dropships the scales directly to HabitNu members via an API integration, streamlining the logistics process and removing the headache and cost of operating a fulfillment center. “Having a smooth workflow is very important to us,” said Dr. Rajan. “With Withings, we can place orders for new members with just a click of a button. The whole process is very easy.”


Since 2017, HabitNu has offered a Withings Body scale to each of their new members, resulting in healthier life choices and increased program engagement. “The data we’re collecting demonstrates high levels of member adherence and improved health outcomes,” said Dr. Rajan. 


In fact, a recent study of a year-long HabitNu Diabetes Prevention Program consisting of 4635 participants using the Withings Body scale showed that 79% of the participants actively engaged with the scale and the HealthMate app. With this program, HabitNu effectively demonstrated that 57% of the active participants had a 5% or more weight loss, and achieved a total group weight loss of 11.8%.


more weight loss among participants actively engaged with the Withings Body Scale

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