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Case Study

Improving the Patient Onboarding Experience and Reducing Scale Support Time for a Virtual Medical Weight Loss Program

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Needed a reliable and efficient weight tracking solutions that seamlessly integrated with existing workflow


Withings Body Pro Scale


Reduced time spend technical troubleshooting and manual scale ordering needs by 20%

“Reducing support time is the biggest impact of partnering with Withings. Thanks to the quality of the Withings scale and level of partner support we don’t need additional staff to troubleshoot and support scale issues for our patients."


FORM is a virtual medical weight loss practice that helps patients with obesity achieve their weight loss and health goals by combining evidence-based clinical care with cutting-edge technology. FORM patients work 1:1 with a dedicated physician and Registered Dietitian who provide a personalized weight loss plan that addresses nutrition, physical activity, and mindset shifts, along with a prescription for FDA-approved medication including GLP-1s, when appropriate. FORM provides all care virtually through its app where patients connect with their Care Team through video visits and messaging and access tools such as food journaling and weight tracking, along with educational resources. 


As part of their remote patient monitoring program which is billed through insurance, FORM patients are required to provide weight readings throughout the month. As a result, a scale is provided as part of their onboarding process. It is important that the scale is accurate and reliable to collect readings, as well as easy to use and engaging, so patients comply with the weight reading requirement.


FORM faced a challenge when they added remote patient monitoring as an offering given they needed to receive weight readings a minimum of 16 days each month to bill with specific CPT codes. They needed to make providing the weight readings easy for patients and looked for a scale vendor capable of digitally transmitting patient weight values, replacing their prior manual process where a patient sent a picture of the scale reading or typed in their value. Therefore, they required a reliable and efficient weight tracking solution that seamlessly integrated with their platform and existing workflow.


FORM initially partnered with a cellular scale vendor and experienced a number of logistical and support challenges. The process of ordering scales was manual and tedious for their operations team and they experienced delayed shipments and inventory shortages. The vendor did not offer a dropship solution that could automate logistics and improve operational efficiency.


The logistical issues impacted the onboarding experience for FORM patients who often experienced long wait times for the scale to arrive, which meant their first visit with a FORM clinician could be delayed. Once they received the scale, some patients encountered connectivity issues and calibration challenges. When these technical issues arose, response time from the vendor was slow. It could take days for the FORM operations team to get troubleshooting tips from the prior vendor’s support team.



FORM partnered with Withings Health Solutions to improve the FORM patient experience by including a high quality scale, automating logistics, and providing world-class scale support. 


With Withings Body Pro, FORM patients receive a trusted and brand-name cellular scale that is synonymous with high quality, ease of use, and reliability. The Withings scale enhances the FORM patient experience from onboarding and throughout the program.


A significant game-changer for the FORM operations team was integrating Withings’ dropshipping capability, which eliminated inventory management responsibility for the FORM team, and streamlined logistics and the onboarding process. With Withings dropshipping capabilities, ordering a scale became as simple as the click of a button and the scale is delivered to patients within days.

"With Withings dropshipping, we've streamlined our scale shipments, making it incredibly easy for patients to start their program right away. We have confidence that the scale will arrive promptly and function reliably. We don’t want to have to think about inventory management and fulfillment - that’s not our game. Thanks to Withings' dropshipping capability, we can focus on other critical pieces of our onboarding experience."


FORM also integrated the Withings API into their specific workflow to ensure that when the patient steps on the scale their weight measurement flows directly to the FORM app, so that patients do not have to manually provide weight values. The scale’s body positioning feature helps patients know how to shift their body to get an accurate reading. Withings Body Pro scale has the ability to store readings offline and transmit the data once a connection is established, ensuring that no weight readings are ever lost due to connectivity issues, and making the patient data tracking more reliable and consistently transmitted to the FORM Care Team to act on.


The partnership between FORM and Withings Health Solution significantly enhanced their operational efficiency. The reduced time spent on troubleshooting technical issues and manual scale ordering opened up to 20% of their Enrollment Specialists’ time to focus on more value-added tasks. The once cumbersome process of scale troubleshooting has been reduced to no more than a couple of hours total a week.


With Withings dropshipping API integration, FORM patients receive their scale in a matter of days and can begin tracking their weight before their first appointment with their FORM clinician. This gets them in the habit of tracking their weight and, most importantly, allows them to start the program right away instead of experiencing delays after signing up. FORM clinicians receive the patient’s baseline weight data before their initial meeting which facilitates personalized treatment plans. The Withings dropshipping solution enables FORM to avoid the higher costs and inventory management risks that can exist when using a third-party fulfillment center or doing it themselves.


Higher reliability and consistency in data transmission was another major outcome in the partnership between FORM and Withings Health Solutions. “Overall our weight readings are more accurate and we receive them more consistently since we’ve partnered with Withings,” said Jason Drapinski, Enrollment Specialist at FORM. With more consistent and reliable data transmission, FORM Care Teams can trust the data they receive, allowing for more accurate patient assessments and improved health outcomes.


reduction in time spent troubleshooting technical issues and manual scale ordering 

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