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Case Study

Improving Management of  Patients with Kidney Failure – A Unique Solution for Healthcare Professionals and Patients

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Needed a device that was easy for both patients and HCPs to use.


BPM Connect Pro


Improved patient monitoring and reduced patient burden.

"Our partnership with Withings Health Solutions has made it possible to provide patients and healthcare teams alike with connected devices that fit perfectly into their daily routine, whether in the process of supply or data collection."


From engineers and data scientists, to healthcare professionals, salespeople and lawyers, the Sêmeia team has  50 employees located in their offices in Toulouse and Paris. 


A pioneer in the remote monitoring space and an expert in medical data, Sêmeia has been designing and  deploying their simple and effective digital solution since 2017 with a goal of transforming the follow-up of  chronic diseases (renal insufficiency and transplant follow-up, pulmonology, rheumatoid arthritis, mental health,  oncology, heart failure and transplant follow-up, hepatogastroenterology). 


Designed with caregivers in mind, Sêmeia leverages its medical and data science expertise to offer a useful  solution that streamlines and optimizes care pathways for the benefit of all: providers, patients, health  institutions, and the French healthcare system. 


Today, nearly 10,000 patients and about 60 centers use their solution.


The partnership between Sêmeia and Withings Health Solutions is part of the ETAPES* program. This  experimental program has encouraged and financially supported the deployment of remote monitoring  solutions in France for 5 major pathologies, including nephrology, which is Sêmeia’s main specialty. 


Following the completion of the program, remote monitoring became part of the common law on July 1st, 2023,  and therefore became eligible for insurance reimbursement. 


Sêmeia created Wise, a solution that facilitates the processes involved in the daily lives of healthcare  professionals and patients as relates to the collection and transmission of health data for remote monitoring  of renal diseases (transplant patients, patients with chronic renal disease stages IV and V, and donor patients).  Blood pressure is a key marker to track (see the Zoom In section). So, it was crucial for Sêmeia to develop a  solution that limits demands on patients. 

Sêmeia was looking for a medical device that would simplify daily life: 


  • For patients: with a tool that is simple to use, functionally designed, and easy to handle
  • For healthcare professionals: a product that allows automatic data upload to the Wise platform, without the  need for another application 

To address this dual issue, Sêmeia needed a medical device that could offer ease of use, smooth design and  would be able to accurately measure patients’ blood pressure from home. 

In 2018, in France, 89,692 patients were treated for chronic renal insufficiency. 55% of them were treated  with dialysis and 45% had undergone a renal transplant1

A person with chronic renal insufficiency has a “more or less significant reduction in kidney function1”,  that results in the loss of the kidneys ability to properly filter the blood in the body. When this condition  progresses to a terminal stage, it can lead to premature death. 

Monitoring blood pressure is essential in patients with renal insufficiency, as it helps prevent  cardiovascular complications, slow disease progression , and optimize the treatment of renal  insufficiency. 

Transplantation remains the most suitable care strategy to improve and prolong the lives of patients.  Once the transplant is performed, long-term medical follow-up is necessary for the patient. 

During the first three months following the transplant, the patient benefits from close and frequent  monitoring. Medical visits and examinations are initially scheduled several times a week, then gradually  spaced out to a quarterly or semi-annual frequency for stabilized patients in good health who are also  able to keep track of their tests on their own.  

  1. (2021, December 13). Data from the 2018 REIN report is published. Retrieved from: publiees/ (2021). 


Patients are now equipped with a Withings BPM Connect Pro. This smart blood pressure monitor works with  a cellular connection, as the product is equipped with a SIM card. It is not necessary for patients to have a  smartphone or a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connection. The blood pressure monitor works right out of the box.

The features of the blood pressure monitor — long battery life, single button measurement recording, and  elegant design — make it simple to use and seamlessly integrate into the patient’s daily life to promote better  engagement during the follow-up period. 


A specific follow-up plan with measurement thresholds is determined in advance by the practitioner. This  subsequently allows the practitioner to be notified when the measurements reported by the blood pressure  monitor are not within the set thresholds. 


The platform also sends measurement reminders to patients. The data is then automatically transmitted to  healthcare professionals in the Wise platform. 

Patient take their blood pressure with the BPM Connect Pro. The blood pressure monitor transmits the data to the HIPAA compliant cloud through its cellular connection. The health data is then transferred to the Sêmeia platform via the Withings API.


To further streamline the experience of healthcare professionals and patients, Sêmeia uses Withings  drop shipment API to send blood pressure monitors directly to the home of the patient. The ordering process is  simplified for nurses, who then train the patient upon receipt of the blood pressure monitor. 


The most significant result lies in the improvement of patient monitoring within  

the Wise nephrology program. Alerts sent to healthcare professionals when  a patient’s measurements are outside the predetermined thresholds allow for  better reactivity of the care teams. 

BPM Connect Pro offers a smooth and intuitive experience, promoting active  engagement of patients in their own care process. 

The ease of integration with Wise has allowed practitioners to save valuable  time every day, allowing them to focus more on the direct care they are  providing to their patients.

Demands on patients  have been reduced  while simultaneously  ensuring a higher  quality of care and a  more personalized  experience.


By choosing Withings as a partner, Sêmeia and their care centers are relieved of managing any logistical  limitations and can therefore concentrate their efforts on patient follow-up. Sêmeia effectively meets the  needs of healthcare professionals by offering a reliable, simple, and smart solution. Thanks to this collaboration,  demands on patients have been reduced while simultaneously ensuring a higher quality of care and a more  personalized experience. 


Healthcare professionals now have a powerful tool to improve patient monitoring in nephrology, optimize  engagement, and provide the best quality care possible.

“This blood pressure monitor makes remote blood pressure monitoring accessible to everyone, even the least connected patients.”

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