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Featured Product

Sleep Tracking Mat

Get sleep-lab insights with incredible convenience.

There is nothing to wear thanks to an unobtrusive mat designed for one-time setup under the mattress. Users set it up once, and then sleep as usual. All the data flows to Withings servers once the user wakes up. Withings Sleep concentrates the world’s most advanced sensors and technology to analyze sleep, detect sleep disturbances, and the quality of their sleep.


  • Sleep cycles: deep, light, and REM sleep stages
  • Sleep quality: duration, regularity, interruption
  • Night heart rate
  • Snoring detection
  • Breathing disturbances
  • Sleep score



  • Wi-Fi connectivity: Wi-Fi means that your users don’t need to have their phone with them while sleeping, as readings are synced automatically
  • Easy one-time setup
  • Shareable sleep diary
Percentage of sleep sensors still being used after one year
Internal study on Withings database