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Join the revolution of diabetes care

Pioneering a modular approach, Body Pro 2 is the first and only cellular scale to introduce a breakthrough measurement to better care for patients with diabetes.


Measuring electrochemical skin conductance may help in the early detection of diabetic peripheral neuropathy and reduce the risk of developing diabetic foot ulcers.1

Up to 70% of patients with diabetes will be affected by diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN) in their lifetime and 50% of them may be asymptomatic.2


Diabetic peripheral neuropathies are a crucial indicator of foot ulcer risk, yet there is a lack of reliable, non invasive, rapid and easy to use tools to identify these neuropathies. 2, 3

Body Pro 2 shapes the future of diabetes care with electrochemical skin conductance, a noninvasive measurement that may allow doctors to detect early signs of diabetic peripheral neuropathy and help in the assessment of diabetic foot ulcers. 4, 5, 6

Patient engagement at the heart of Body Pro 2

Communicate with your patients when they are the most involved

With Health Nudges, Body Pro 2 is now a platform to keep your patients engaged in their health program with motivational messages, reminders, milestones and more.

Motivate your patients by creating an 
anxiety-free weigh-in experience

53% of women and 27 % of men found weighing themself impacted their mood.4 Patients do not need a constant reminder of their condition and rather could benefit from motivational messages that encourage them in their health journey. This is why we developed the eyes-closed mode with the help of obesity clinic and psychologist, prioritizing patient sensitivity.

Smart design and technology to create a user-friendly digital health product

Small vibrations will let the patient know that the measurement is completed. A non-slip surface with grip feet offers patients stability when they step on the scale. Battery life lasts up to 12 months, keeping patients consistently stepping on the scale without interruption.

Raising healthcare standards through an unparalleled partner experience

Empowering our partners with time and confidence

ProgramMemberID is a new algorithm that provides care teams with a score that determines if the person stepping on the scale is the registered member and not another member of the household.

Patient Engagement

An engagement score is measured to help care teams understand patient motivation levels so they can customize their coaching accordingly.

Tracked Biomarkers

  • Weight
    Get consistent and precise weight measurements (50g / 0.1 lb) with our patented position technology. Patients can track their weight trend on the scale’s high-visibility color screen.
  • Body Composition
    Body Composition
    Monitor weight (kg, lb, st lb), BMI and whole body composition (whole body fat, muscle mass, water percentage and bone mass) thanks to Withings Precision Technology™.
  • BMI
    Immediately know if your patients are on the right track with their BMI (Body Mass Index) calculation.
  • Electrochemical Skin Conductance
    Electrochemical Skin Conductance
    A non-invasive measurement that may allow doctors to detect early signs of diabetic peripheral neuropathy and help in the assessment of diabetic foot ulcer.4, 5, 6


Elevating your program’s accuracy and reliability

Reliable, accurate data

Best-in-class accuracy via Position Control Technology™, a patented body position detector.

Grip feet: the scale is equipped with grip feet to ensure its stability.

Gravity compensation: the scale is calibrated considering users’ geographic location to apply the right gravity compensation.

High precision sensors: up to 0.1 lbs. Using performing load cells circuits, Body Pro 2 gives highly accurate weight measurements.

Percentage of Withings scales still being used after one year.
Internal study on Withings database

Reliable cellular connectivity

With cellular connectivity – in addition to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth – you can be sure that the data you need to improve the health of your patients will be accurately collected for all populations. Our fallback option, the Connect Assistant app, enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for users who don’t have access to reliable cellular networks.

Continuously, securely and seamlessly, the data is transferred via your selected data connection option into our cloud, so you can access the data from your interface of choice.

Begin reshaping the way you care for patients with diabetes