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Case Study

Reducing Operational Costs and Elevating the Member Experience for a GLP-1 Step Therapy Program

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Betr Health


High demand for easy-to-use, patient-centric scales


Withings Body Pro Cellular Scale


Reduced operational costs by 15%

By partnering with Withings we are not only getting rid of all of the logistics headaches and saving money, we’re ensuring a seamless member experience, and getting a really beautiful-looking, well-branded device so our members attach more value to it.


Betr Health is a ‘food as medicine’ movement that motivates individuals and families to prevent and reverse chronic conditions with a diet and lifestyle approach. The movement is curated, coached and supported 24/7 on the Betr platform which can be accessed through a web portal or their digital app. As part of the program, members get a personal health coach, community and resources such as meal planners, affordable fresh meal delivery, an AI fitness coach and more.

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Since members have demonstrated to significantly lower their cost of care for diabetes, hypertension, obesity, musculoskeletal conditions, and inflammatory diseases, the Betr program is increasingly being paid for by employers and health plans such as Blue Shield of California, Blue Shield of South Carolina, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid and many more. And with the recent demand for GLP-1 medications, employers and health plans are turning to Betr’s step therapy program as an alternative to the GLP-1 medications.


Betr needed a reliable and accurate scale to provide members that is easy and seamless for them to consistently track their weight. Collecting accurate and reliable weight measurements from members allows Betr to effectively demonstrate to the insurance companies that their members are reaching a target percentage of between 5-10% weight loss, without the need for GLP-1 medications.


For Betr, the option of stocking scales and doing fulfillment themselves, or partnering with a 3rd party fulfillment center, was not efficient or cost-effective. They have thousands of members coming into their program each month based across the U.S., and they wanted to get the scales shipped and delivered within days. Additionally, having high touch support available was important in case members didn’t receive the scale or had a technical issue with it, as Betr was not staffed up to support these issues.


Betr is also a consumer-based business and they wanted to ensure the scale was not just functional but also had a sleek and aesthetically appealing design. Their prior vendor’s scale was more medical-looking, which doesn’t encourage members to keep it out in plain sight and engage with it habitually. Betr was also looking to partner with a recognizable brand and trusted leader in connected devices that is patient-centric, and consumers love to use, to provide more value to their members.


Betr partnered with Withings Health Solutions to provide their members with a best-in-class cellular scale experience. With Withings Body Pro, members can now easily and seamlessly track their weight throughout the program. The cellular scale can be used right out of the box, without any set up required. Once the member steps on the scale, their weight data is instantly and reliably transmitted to Betr’s app via a Withings API integration.

Betr dropships scales to their members via an integration with Withings API. The Withings dropshipping capability enables Betr to to avoid managing a third party fulfillment center or risk inventory shortages and shipping delays, and reduces overall logistics costs. When a new member joins, Betr pushes a call to the Withings API to create an account, and a Body Pro scale along with a welcome flier is delivered within days.

“We have very few issues with the scale. We send thousands of scales a month, and I would say maybe one or two people a month would have an issue and typically it’s operator error.”


Withings’ dropshipping capability and unparalleled device and partner support results in significant operational cost savings, while also elevating the member experience. “Even if we could procure the scales at a lower cost, the cost of keeping up the API and general logistics would increase my operations cost by at least 15%, ” says Dr. William Ferro, Founder & CEO.

Partnering with Withings Health Solutions has kept Betr Health’s operational costs down by 


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