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Case Study

Improving adherence to sleep apnea treatment – An innovative collaboration between Asten Santé and Withings Health Solutions

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Asten Santé


Enhance the level of standard home healthcare services and offer a unique solution to healthcare professionals.


Withings Sleep Analyzer


50% of patients express a desire to purchase a Sleep Analyzer and recruitment of new physicians.

“By adding Sleep Analyzer to our personalized monitoring, the patient can have a 360° view of their sleep quality as well as a better understanding of the product’s positive impact on their treatment. We have noticed enhanced engagement and adherence to treatment after just a few days, which then continues over time."


Asten Santé originated in the 1970s as a response to the establishment of medical associations focused on enabling ventilator-dependent patients to receive care in their homes rather than hospitals. Today, Asten Santé operates as part of the La Poste group and addresses various healthcare concerns, including respiratory failure, sleep apnea, diabetes, infusion therapy, and artificial nutrition.


In the context of sleep apnea, Asten Santé’s teams were looking for innovative solutions to enhance the level of standard home healthcare services, while also offering a unique proposition to healthcare professionals caring for patients.

Sleep apnea is a condition that is characterized by shallow breathing and/or breathing disturbances of varying severity during sleep. Also known as obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS), this condition can lead to the development of long term health issues like high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, stroke, or diabetes, if not treated properly. In the short term, lack of sleep due to OSAS can also lead to daytime fatigue that may be responsible for accidents, reduced quality of life and reduced cognitive function as relates to memory or work productivity. The most common treatment is the continuous positive airway pressure machine (CPAP), which is a mask worn during the night that ensures consistent airflow into the airways (1). 

One of the challenges that comes along with the implementation of CPAP treatment is patient acceptance and adherence to treatment. According to the ALASKA study, conducted by ResMed on a cohort of French patients, the level of new patient adherence was found to be quite low — about 48% stopped their treatment

after 3 years (2). 


As a home healthcare provider and medical prescriber, Asten Santé sets up regular at-home visits with sleep apnea experts for their patients in order to explain the treatment process, install the CPAP machine and address any difficulties they might encounter. In this setting, the teams sought an innovative way to engage patients in their treatment and raise awareness of its importance. This is how the partnership between Withings Health Solutions and Asten Santé began.


Doctors can now direct their patients to use Withings Sleep Analyzer, a clinically validated sleep tracker, while they’re at home (3,4).


Sleep Analyzer is installed under the patient’s mattress. Once it is installed, there’s nothing else the patient has to do. The device is able to record and analyze the patient’s sleep, as if they were at a sleep lab. It tracks vital parameters like heart rate, respiratory rate and movement. This way, the patient can get a precise view of their sleep cycles, sleep score, continuous heart rate and breathing. Sleep Analyzer also detects sleep apnea and classifies its severity on the scale of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM), which is considered to be the global standard (5).

From a clinical point of view, one of its strengths is the capacity to record extended sleep data in a secure and non-invasive way. In regards to the apnea-hypopnea index, Sleep Analyzer allows doctors to take the variability between different nights of sleep into account — a factor which is responsible for 20% to 50% of OSAS severity classification errors (6). 


Every day, patients can consult their sleep information directly on the Withings app. They are able to follow changes in their sleep patterns and better adhere to their treatment.

“The partnership between Asten Santé and Withings Health Solutions has been revolutionary in the way we treat sleep apnea. Withings Sleep Analyzer offers in-depth sleep analysis for patients, which helps them understand the importance of their treatment and how to adhere to it. It is a significant advancement in the field of home healthcare.”

Patients can use their Sleep Analyzer for 4 months. After this allotted time, they can buy the product from Asten Santé if they wish to continue monitoring their sleep.

“I was skeptical about the idea of adding another device into my patients’ daily life. But in reality, it was so easy to use that it helped them understand the importance of wearing their sleep apnea machine.”


The partnership between Asten Santé and Withings Health Solutions led to a new treatment approach in the home healthcare field. This innovative synergy between CPAP treatment and the Sleep Analyzer empowers patients to actively participate in their treatment journey from the very beginning, significantly enhancing their acceptance and adherence to the therapy. Remarkably, over 50% of patients express a desire to purchase a Sleep Analyzer upon completing the program, enabling them to closely monitor their treatment progress independently.


This innovative offering from Asten Santé stands out to doctors and in the home healthcare providers field. Johan Dupuis, the national expert in respiratory care, emphasized how this has allowed Asten Santé to successfully recruit new doctors, which in turn has led to the recruitment of new patients and the realization of the overarching goal of the initiative.


of patients express a desire to purchase a Sleep Analyzer upon completing the program 

“Our collaboration with Asten Santé shows how Withings technology can improve adherence to sleep apnea treatment by offering innovative tools to home healthcare providers that distinguish themselves on the market.”

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