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Transform Chronic Care Delivery and Outcomes with Withings RPM

Elevate Chronic Care, Empower Your Care Team

Withings RPM

offers a cutting-edge solution for Physician Groups to enhance chronic care management. It provides a more connected, patient-focused, and efficient healthcare experience.
Whether you're new to remote patient monitoring or looking to expand, Withings RPM empowers both care teams and patients with a top-tier system, revolutionizing care delivery and outcomes.

Physicians Groups Partnering with Withings RPM

Transform Healthcare Delivery, 
Enhance Chronic Care Outcomes.

Designed to meet the needs of physician practices, our RPM solution redefines healthcare delivery and outcomes for chronic care patients.

Revenue Growth

Grow your practice’s revenue while elevating chronic care and improving outcomes.

Improve Access to Care

Elevate access to and quality of care for chronic care patients.

Complete program oversight

Full control over patient enrollment, monitoring and intervention with a self-managed solution for higher compliance and better outcomes.

Sustainable RPM Expansion

Scale your RPM program affordably with our usage-based pricing structure – only pay for active devices.

Empower Your Patients

Empower your patients with the monitoring tools to actively manage their health journey at-home.

Streamline chronic care delivery with our EHR integration

Seamlessly integrate Withings RPM with your existing EHR system and empower your care team to focus on what matters most – patient care.

Streamlined clinical workflow Reduce manual data entry and associated errors with instant data transfer to your EHR.
Reduced administrative burden Spend less time on manual documentation and more time on improving care outcomes.
Holistic Patient View Gain a comprehensive view of your patient data for faster and better decision-making.
Trusted Clinically Validated Cellular Devices for Reliable Remote Health Monitoring
Rely on Withings RPM clinically validated devices for consistent and accurate remote health monitoring. Our reliable devices ensure that every patient, no matter where they are, receives the care they need when they need it.

Reliable Transmission

Count on continuous data transmission, even in cellular dead zones.

Flexible Shipping

Choose from flexible dropshipping or bulk shipping options, tailored to your unique patient needs.

Instant Data Access

Ready to use out-of-the-box, with no smartphone required, for instant data transmission.

Office-Comparable Readings

Get office-comparable readings, vital in managing blood pressure control in hypertensive patients where every point counts.
Boost patient engagement with 
best-in-class cellular devices
Withings RPM brings patient engagement to the forefront with devices designed to be as easy-to-use as they are effective. Discover the impact of higher compliance in improving health outcomes.
“ The devices are simple and easy to use. We tested other devices and liked the Withings quality. “

— Office Manager, Texas Kidney Specialists

Well-known & trusted brand Leverage 14 years of proven expertise innovating healthcare with our connected devices.
Habit-forming features Designed for consistent patient engagement with built-in habit-forming features.
User-friendly Improve compliance with easy-to-use devices that are frictionless for patients to use consistently.

Remote Patient Monitoring Made Easy with an Intuitive, User-Friendly Platform

Our platform is designed to simplify remote patient monitoring, making it easier than ever for your team to manage patients and run a successful RPM program.

Seamless patient onboarding

Initiate patient onboarding in just a few clicks.

Easy compliance and billable code tracking

Easily track compliance rates and billable encounters.

Improved care intervention

Effortlessly triage patients with a color-coded alert system for quick and easy patient prioritization.
“ The fact that Withings shipped the devices directly to the patients within a few days was a huge selling point. We also needed all cellular devices. We tried to do bluetooth initially and it was a nightmare. “

— Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Program Director, Cardinal Internal Medicine

Unparalleled device and 
platform support
Withings RPM is committed to your program success with unparalleled partner support for devices and platform.

Uninterrupted patient monitoring

Enjoy continuous monitoring with dedicated tech support.

Speedy device support

Resolve issues promptly with our US-based support team – typically within a few hours.

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Ensure a seamless partnership with a dedicated customer success manager.
“ We wanted more ability to work with our patients directly, do enrollments from our side, and be more hands on. . “

— Kristen Toulotte, RN BSN, Remote Patient Monitoring Program Director at Cardinal Internal Medicine Associates, P.C.

Ready to transform your chronic care delivery today?

Partner with Withings RPM for a patient-centric solution that empowers your care team and is trusted by leading hospitals & health systems like yours.