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A Connected Health Ecosystem That Our Partners Love

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In January of 2023 we reached out to our partners to collect feedback about our partnership experience. Our goal was to closely listen to their needs to refine the way we serve our current partners and improve how we support our new partners.

What makes Withings Health Solutions different?

Comprehensive end-to-end partner experience

Innovative and adaptive MedTech product leaders

Uniquely exceptional patient-centric user experience

Custom suite of APIs and solutions that save time and reduce burden

Empowered by our longstanding health-centric vision

Hear from our partners

“Withings provides us with a one-stop solution for our digital therapeutics needs.”

“What we like the most about Withings Health Solutions is the modularity of devices and the ability to include multiple devices into a single product solution.”

“The integrations with our system make the experience much more seamless and efficient.”

We conducted an in-depth survey to capture our partners’ experiences and overall satisfaction. What we discovered was enlightening and a testament to our commitment to helping you succeed.

Chosen by leading health and wellness organizations around the globe

For all of these reasons, we are trusted by professionals and many of the world’s leading health institutions such as:

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